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Intrasenze was founded from the belief that together, we can create a sustainable and safe future.

In October 2014 the business idea, mission and vision was created and proof of concept was launched a few years later.

In July 8th 2015 the company Intrasenze AB (Publ) was officially registered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Intrasenze way to involve more people from the start, was crowdfunding. Over 100 investors joined forces in the aim to make a positive impact for society.

To create the efficient, sustainble and global solution which was intended, the concept was built from a belief that the customer needs to own its solution as well as data, opposite of how the business works today.

Intrasenze Foundation

In order to guarantee the customer sovereign ownership, Intrasenze Foundation was created as guardian of independence.

Intrasenze Foundation is a non-profit organization. It was ounded to ensure client controlled, global alarm systems that contribute to individual and safe societies. It also secures limited and unlimited companies their own solution and data.

Intrasenze Foundation is the largest shareholder of Intrasenze AB. The statues are set is to secure users and clients ownership over time.


Intrasenze has invested over 50 000 hours to build and secure the technical and holistic IoT platform UAN-Safe. In short, UAN is a global, yet micro system, free to use for anyone and with premium subscriptions, ensuring the development of Intrasenze. As UAN-Safe was launched, the patent was filed in 41 countries. The first patent was published 2020 in Sweden and in 2022 in the US. The patent is now pending in 39 countries world wide.

Our Mission – to Create Safety and Security

National, local- as well as private security companies´ are lacking resources and the ability to send help fast enough. This creates a feeling of not feeling safe. This unsafety and lack of resources create parallell societies. Hence, the underground forces are in progress.

By cooperating in United Action Network and UAN-Safe, the system creates an easy way for authorities and private users to get help faster from people in the area, the neighborhood, the guards as well as from public networks.

An Overview – Intrasenze Setup and Solution

UAN-Safe is a global, IoT patented platform, offering a user-driven service. It connects sensors and alarm systems and creates social networks to send, receive, relay as well as manage all kinds of alarms for both private and commercial users as well as states and governments.

Individuals, companies and organizations work together in the platform UAN-Safeto increase security locally as well as globally.
United Action Network (UAN) is the global network consisting of several different types of interconnected physical sensors and people.

In private and public areas, local area networks (L-UAN), connect to UAN-Safe through geotagged social networks. These are based on the idea of ​​wireless networks, connecting sensors and people to a particular location. The various networks, both local networks, L-UAN and global networks, W-UAN, are interconnected in UAN-Safe (ie hub). For example, UAN-Safe enables several alarm systems in the same home to be shared between different networks and users outside the network, based on their position.

The user’s social network is in turn connected with other users’ social networks. The result is a multitude of interconnected sensors and users in local and global geotagged networks that allow all connected and user devices to communicate with each other worldwide.
UAN-Safe and the United Action Network enable effective global emergency communication worldwide. Hence, a change in the way people create safe communities and manage local and global emergencies is created.

Intrasenze solves local, national and global alerts and supplies an easy-to-use solution.

Current situation – Free license and Premium based recurring revenue

Since the movement started in 2015, Intrasenze has come a long way. We have proven proof of concept and are now scaling the business in Sweden as well as internationally.

Intrasenze patented solution ”Improved Safety Alert Network System” is included in the UAN-SAFE ™ mobile app and available for everyone to download on App Store and Google Play for free. The solution is compatible with all security and safety systems and the recurring revenue is based on premium subscriptions. Our customers range from municipalities to companies, private persons and partners where we integrate our software UAN-Safe.

Logo Intrasenze

Business Idea, Mission & Vision

The Business Idea is to develop innovative solutions that create social benefits The Mission is that everyone should be able to participate to make a change to reach our Vision, a safe and resource efficient society.

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