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Sales & Distribution

Everyone can become a partner to Intrasenze
and start a business with our solution.

Merge your business model with our platform and share revenue between the parties that add value to your business. Use our community development possibilities to create new functionalities – as long as it follows our terms of use and privacy policy.


By protecting our users rights and content, we guarantee a safe and integrity protected community. The user is always in control.



Our free license enables for everyone to develop and innovate in an alreday existing platform. Intrasenze own and control the license properties and enable developers to share custom made functionality – for all our users benefit.

Develop your own functionality, add devices and merge your business needs with UAN-Safe Developers Community.


Everyone can use and share the same
development platform.

Intrasenze Foundation protect the
users ownership to their own solution.

UAN Safe
Download now UAN-Safe™ App and get realtime updates on emergencies and alerts in closeby areas or places you visit. Notify your networks if you need help, or just feel unsafe!
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UAN Safe
Ladda ned UAN-Safe™ och bli en del av en tryggare helhet.
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