Feeling Safe is a Human Right
Committed to a safe and more confident society

Our purpose – a more resource efficient society

Intrasenze Foundation was established by the founders of Intrasenze

Intrasenze values root from the founders’ experiences of how create longterm sustainability.

The purpose is to ensure Intrasenze’s independence and promote cooperation between individuals, households, companies, municipalities, regions, the judiciary as well as organizations that want to contribute to a safer world for everyone.

What we offer

Intrasenze Foundation conducts feasibility studies and current situation analysis, lectures, action plans and sponsorship activities. When acting as a catalyst, we help build and achieve safer communities at lower cost.

The foundation’s local collaborations together with property owners, municipalities and sports associations are an important part of the mission.

For references and more, please contact info@intrasenze.com.

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Intrasenze Foundation, a non profit foundation

Intrasenze Foundation is a non profit foundation with an authorized auditor registered with the County Administrative Board in Mora and the Swedish Tax Agency. Our operations are therefore reviewed by independent parties.

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Intrasenze Foundation’s work is based on the algoritm of VSROI and CSR ethical theory. In short – as individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, the actions of an individual must benefit society. We strive for balance between economic growth, safe communities and secure networks as well as welfare of society and the environment. When these are in harmony, it results in lower social costs, greater tax power and increased property values.

The Foundation’s administration

The authorized accountant Carl-Johan Kjellman at BDO AB, reviews the board and that the work complies with the foundation’s statutes and Swedish Accounting Law. The Swedish Tax Agency reviews the company’s income declaration to ensure Swedish tax legislation for foundations is followed and taxes and fees are paid in the right way and at the right time. The County Board reviews the Annual Report and ensures the foundation’s purpose is correct and that the board follows the statutes.

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Email your contact details and how you want to contribute to info@intrasenze.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for wanting to join and support our work for a more resource efficient and safer world!

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