Intrasenze and Municipalities
One situational picture for all alarms for all activities

Safety and security for staff and citizens

One alarm system for all incidents is profitable – school and staff alarm folder is integrated

The municipality is in charge of many systems and various safety and security solutions. By July 2023 the municipalities responsibilities for crime prevention increases, including the requirement to assess action plans and create a structure for interventions (see link below, 2023:196).

We offer a unified, integrated solution, UAN-Safe, connecting traditional alarms to alarm centers, security guards, and individuals in social networks. Intrasenze creates an ”All-in-One system” owned by the municipality, resulting in lower cost, better foresight, and a higher level of management and control. In the municipality, all residents receive a free license for UAN-Safe and can get assistance from the nearby network, hence creating a safer society.

By keeping the traditional alarm center and adding our solution directly to on-site sensors and mobile devices, alarms reach the right person at the right time and place faster. Intrusion alarms, operational alarms, fire alarms, and personal alarms are centralized in the Back Office, which serves as your administrative platform, creating the local alarm center, alarm notification service, and emergency response service, as well as personal alarms with video recording, while still maintaining redundancy with the traditional alarm center as a backup.

You have the same security as today, 24/7 manned alarm center with property and disturbance alert, elevator alarm, automatic fire alarm, operation and burglar alarm. Our solution also gives all staff a personal alarm for schools and other businesses. All in one digitalized solution at lower cost and faster action than you have today.

The solution connects sensors directly to UAN-Safe, which integrates to Back Office, where the customer, owns all data and builds AI. Our IoT solution is compatible with all alarm systems on the market, including sensors in elevators, cameras, audio and light sensors, and more.

With Intrasenze, you build networks and create micro-alarm centers in municipal buildings, parks, bus and train stations, or even during events. Visitors and staff members can easily connect to the networks. Schools and healthcare facilities are places where many people might need the ability to receive and send alarms quickly for faster assistance. You will have the same level of security as you do today and all staff members will have a personal alarm on their mobile, resulting in lower costs and faster response times.

The UAN-Safe app can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store and can be used immediately. Security guards receive alarms directly on their mobile and the alarm center can coordinate emergency services and national resources. All of this happens simultaneously through UAN-Safe, our patented IoT and SaaS solution.

Contact us to receive an offer for various departments and the municipality as a whole.

We are happy to assist you with the law (2023:196) ”Municipal Responsibilities for Crime Prevention Work,” which comes into effect in July 2023. We can also support you in updating the needed Crisis Plans and actions within POSOM groups. If you want to learn more about AI, feel free to ask us.

You find more information here (in Swedish):

    Full integration between hardware, software, and human interaction. Service and support 24/7.
    Alert within a network of connected users for delivering the right information to the right recipients.

    IoT Solution – Resources utilized in the most effective manner within the organization.

    By filtering the alarms and prioritizing their time more effectively and clearly, the efficiency increases.

    As a customer, you own all your data and can develop according to your needs. Of course, we can assist you.

    Automated alarm management through digitization provides a fixed price and lower costs.

    Complete control with a fixed price and unlimited usage.
    A unique combination of a fixed solution and full flexibility.

Customer examples


To test Intrasenze and our patented solution UAN-Safe, one can choose a specific operation, such as connecting all burglary alarms in a property.

Simple and clear. UAN-Safe is directly connected to the existing transmitter, and each employee is equipped with the software to receive and send alarms via their mobile phones. Everything is monitored through the customer’s Intrasenze Back-Office, which you, as the customer, own. The alarms are directly connected to the customer’s or our own alarm center. Additionally, as the customer, you can choose the security guards, property technicians, and responsible parties. Simultaneously, the customer can view in real-time which alarms are functioning, if any alarm is down, identify the cause of the issue, and review all their alarms within a predetermined budget. Regardless of the number of alarms. Regardless of the number of employees.

Employees and responsible parties receive training in managing the Back-Office, UAN-Safe app, and after a few hours, they can send and receive alarms faster, clearer (all in plain text), and at a lower cost.

Call or email and schedule a meeting, and we promise to provide you with a better solution with control and a lower price than what you have today.


Once you have connected UAN-Safe and received alarms, it becomes clear how digitization can increase customer benefits in a simple and smooth manner.

Connect all technical alarms in step 2, such as burglary, fire, equipment malfunctions, or any alarms that are important to you. All alarms can be linked to UAN-Safe as a micro alarm center, where you own the solution, data, and control all your alarm systems. All data flows into your administrative interface, Back-Office, and you can read and address the alarms immediately as they occur.

The alarms are sent to social networks where the right person can handle the alarms and take action at the right time and place. We can provide training and assist in the process, or you can independently own and drive the entire development. Everything is possible because we own our solution, and the patent is Swedish.


As soon as a customer begins to take control over their alarms, create their own solution, and review their costs, they realize how much wiser it is to own their system. And cheaper. With complete control.

The future solution for municipalities is built on the advantages of digitization: overview, coordination, and flexibility. At the same time, our solution UAN-Safe provides security as it is mostly owned by our Swedish non-profit foundation. It guarantees safety and security over time.

At Intrasenze, we connect the technical alarms with the softer alarms, those between people. The technical alarms in a school are linked to the individuals in the school. Employees are connected through mobile phones, computers, and/or Teams and receive real-time alarms from people or technical sensors, allowing them to act according to the plan.

If the reception of the municipal building does not have mobile phones, alarm buttons work well. The social services office may want to connect employees, send alarms between each other, and receive immediate assistance from security guards through the alarm on their phones. Student coaches in a school want to receive distress alarms on their mobile phones/computers as they occur without having to run through the corridors.

By reviewing the entire municipality’s alarm and security needs and connecting all safety alarms to the same solution, the municipality gains a complete overview, a fixed budget that is not dependent on the number of users or alarms, and they also own their own data.

Contact us for a conversation where we listen to your needs and desires for solutions. As Intrasenze has its own solution, driven by customer needs, we can be more flexible and act smarter for you as a customer.

With over 105 co-owners, most with extensive experience in the security industry, we know how to quickly, intelligently, and efficiently receive and send alarms to address problems where they arise as soon as they occur.