Intrasenze in Neighbor Cooperation
Increasing safety in your neighbourhood

Safety and security for family and neighbours

A user-driven alarm and communication system – Free alarm map

The aim of neighbourhood watch is to make residential areas more attractive by reducing crime. The method is measurable in both safer people and increased property values. The method can be used by neighbors in a residential area and neighbors in a business area, shopping center or other local geographic area.

Our initiative, the United Action Network, is a global community for working together to reduce crime and delinquency in society.

The United Action Network communicates via the UAN-Safe app. Install it from the AppStore or Google Play and register a free account directly in the app. With UAN-Safe installed and a free account, you can get started right away. You create a network, invite family and neighbors, and you can alert and communicate quickly and easily to the neighbors you want, your family and friends.

At the touch of a button, you can alert 112 or our alarm center, as well as family and neighbors. Simultaneously or separately. Everyone sees your position and can help quickly.

The UAN-Safe easily connects portable alarm buttons such as personal and assault alarms. Through our security router, you can also connect local burglar and fire alarms. With UAN-Safe you have possible integrations with both the alarm center, guards and 112.

The license for UAN-Safe is free and the service is basically free of charge. You choose the subscription you want. Our goal is for everyone to feel safe and get help when they need it.

Feel free to contact us for more information and demo – it’s completely free, or call 020-44 00 40 and we’ll book a meeting.

  • SAFE
    A free license allows all neighbors to connect and participate.

    As a customer, you own your own data and solution. If you need assistance, we are here to help.

    When you trigger an alarm within your network, everyone in the network can see what’s happening and come to your aid. No costs involved.

    Everyone can afford a free license.

    By increasing your subscription, you and your neighbors can include the guardian service. Of course, you have the 112 service on your phone and computer.