Intrasenze in schools
Alert, respond and prevent incidents

Safety and security for staff and students

The most complete solution on the market

A school alarm solution must be simple, affordable and user-friendly. In a crisis situation, you need to be able to easily send alerts to many people and get help quickly. With our solution, you can both alert quickly and send pictures and videos in the alerts.

Everyone in the school should be able to receive alarms and know how to respond to them. When the danger is over, everyone should know – quickly.

Whether it’s for one school, multiple schools, or an entire municipality’s educational operations, you’ll get a solution that suits you. You can choose whether to connect all alarms or specific alarms to an alarm center, operator, security guard, and others at school. It’s also possible to connect alarm buttons if you share work phone.

UAN-Safe is simply an IoT solution where you connect staff to social networks. You can add technical alarms (such as fire alarms). Because we own our solution, you as a customer own your solution.

Training, support and assistance are included.

Much more than an alarm app

Manage events such as evacuation, evacuation, ongoing deadly violence (PDV) and school attacks, disturbance alarms, threats and disturbances, fire and burglary.

For many, the thought of a violent incident is stressful. By training, you are prepared if it happens. We are here to help.

You can choose to receive alarms by phone, computer or Teams. We build the solution based on your needs. Link management, teachers, EHT, caretakers, kitchen, cleaning and other groups, such as the municipal security manager.

The system creates pattern recognition to work proactively. The patented comprehensive solution for municipalities and schools creates the prerequisite for a common situation picture for the entire municipality and an internal situation picture for the school in the same system, an overview and understanding as a basis for decisions and actions at all levels.

Book a demo today, and you can have a safer school tomorrow. Contact us at or call 020-44 00 40.

    An alarm system on your mobile, where you receive and send alerts.
    Create an alarm via your phone or individual alarm button.

    Possible to integrate all alarms at the school.
    Alarms are updated in real time on your phone.

    Secure communication to many simultaneously through our own patent.

    Clear display with alarm center and color codes.

    Stay connected whenever you want and easily send and receive alarms.

    With a single button press, you can get immediate help from colleagues, the alarm center, or security guards.

    Ability to connect all students without any additional cost.

Customer examples


Many preschools have a limited number of phones.

Thanks to Intrasenze’s patent in UAN-Safe, we offer solutions with both portable and fixed alarm buttons as a complement.

The alarms are sent from the phone or button to mobile devices, the alarm center, and security guards, while simultaneously notifying everyone in the network (groups) with both a message and geographical location. You can choose whether to use preset messages or write freely, and you can also send images or videos with sound. Depending on the preschool and the threats present in the surrounding area, preset messages can be helpful.

In addition, administration is included via both a computer and an app.

Key features such as a test function, allowing all staff members to test alarms and practice, are important, just as having an updated crisis plan is crucial.

Primary school

På allt fler grundskolor har varje lärare en egen jobbtelefon. In a municipality, the IT department can deploy UAN-Safe to selected phones.

If phones are shared, we connect alarm buttons so that everyone in the school can be part of alarm groups and networks.

UAN-Safe creates endless possibilities. The alarms can be filtered so that the right person (work team and/or school) receives the alarms they should have and that they are sent to the alarm center, guards, management and colleagues – at the same time. Perhaps a noise alarm should go directly to security and management and also in parallel to SOS/112.

The school can also choose to connect to other alarms such as operational alarms and fire alarms. Maybe the neighboring school should also receive the alarms. The head of security in the municipality may want some emergency alerts. All data is collected by you as a customer and we train physically or digitally when the need arises.

Adult education, colleges, and universities

To quickly disseminate alarms and document with audio and images from many sources, students/participants may also want to download UAN-Safe and receive essential alarms. The license is free, allowing the entire organization and visitors to connect and receive alarms at no extra cost.

As an administrator, you can filter the alarms so that the right person receives the relevant alarm directly on their mobile device in plain text. Often, the organization is spread across larger areas, and with Intrasenze’s micro alarm centers, each alarm has a geographical location, ensuring that people nearby receive the alarms they need and are spared unnecessary ones.

In a situation involving threats and violence, everyone needs to know who should do what and when. This information is included in the organization’s crisis plan. With Intrasenze’s IoT solution, we create a tailored solution and provide training for employees and management in the way you need it.

Since UAN-Safe offers many features, there is also the option to have a ”Follow Me” function. Videos, audio, and images are included as integral parts of the solution.

Intrasenze’s IoT platform is compatible with all systems, allowing you to connect all alarms (fire, intrusion, CCTV, etc.). The administrator receives the data through Intrasenze’s user-friendly administrative interface, the Back Office function. It is flexible, affordable, and modular for one or many, tailored to your preferences.