Intrasenze for guards
Acknowledge, manage and close alarms faster

Safety and security for guards and customers

Digitized Alarm Center and mobile alarm management – Integrated alarm folder for guards

As a security guard, receiving the alarms directly from the alarm systems, in real time directly into the mobile phone with plain text, saves time and increases flexibility for both guards, victims and companies. In addition, the system is cost-effective and allows you to receive, respond to and clear alarms directly from your mobile phone. Full redundancy between Alert Central, digital alarm center, guard and customer.

With the Intrasenze solution, customers can recall alarms, alarm as a person or with an alarm system, to guards, blue light and alarm center and their own contact persons – at the same time. Everyone shares the same alarm flow and can alert, act and collaborate to prevent incidents together.

The alarm operator at the Alarm Center receives the position shared by both the guard and the customer and can follow the incident in clear text with moving images and sound. All data is owned by the creator and they always have their own access to their digital material. recorded in the system.

The Intrasenze solution is a patented software sold as a cloud service. The platform has integrations with both Alert Centrals and alarm systems.

Security guards receive all alarms directly in their mobile, including revocation of alarms, confirmation of whether or not the customer has received an alarm, real-time status updates and closure of the event. Full access to the event log from the alarm system and all previous history directly in the mobile phone.

With our solution, the security guard can communicate directly with customers, without intermediaries, regardless of geographical location, nationality or language. The service is global and automatically translates into each user’s mobile language.

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    Clear and fast communication with the customer and the guard as well as with the customer. In easy-to-read text messages

    The solution is owned by the customer. You control all data and own all networks and alarms.

    Information is sent in plain text – what and where the alarm was triggered. Avoid unnecessary call-outs.

    By receiving the alarm as a text in your mobile and computer, you eliminate false alarms easily and quickly.

    With UAN-Safe, you choose how you want to communicate, with whom and when.