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Our purpose

is to support and create a safer and more resource efficient society

We create and think from a global perspective

The foundation’s main purpose is to ensure, through ownership in Intrasenze AB, that Intrasenze’s fundamental values and objectives are followed. This is enabled through the foundation’s statutes, through the Ownership Directives and through the Articles of Association for Intrasenze AB.

The foundation’s other objective is to help measure how to increase safety and security through VSROI and the Intrasenze Foundation Index.

The activities of the foundation are mainly conducted through Intrasenze AB, with financial support from the return on ownership in Intrasenze AB and through contributions and gifts.

The foundation also contributes as a catalyst and inspirer by promoting collaboration among individuals, households, companies, municipalities, regions, the judiciary and organizations – locally, regionally and globally.

We cherish people’s inherent desire to help each other and the right to control and own their own solutions.

Intrasenze vision

is a safe and resource efficient society

where everyone participate together 

Created to protect and fulfill

Join United Action Network to follow and participate in incidents/events, review what’s really happening. All content is safe, reliable and encrypted.

Intrasenze Foundation

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